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Stailess Steel Parts

Each paint job is taken really seriously, that's why our bikes are painted by the best bike painters out there, experts with many years of experience and collaboration with the best cycling brands. We have adopted several solutions to help you keep the paint job intact and beautiful like the first day your saw it, like the front derailleur support, brake bridge, dropouts and water bosses which are all made out of stainless steel to prevent rust and oxidation.

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Custom Tubings

A bike is subject to many strengths stress during its use. For us it was really important to understand how and why, so we teamed up with COLUMBUS to develop a series of tubes that would completely satisfy our clients needs. The result is an excellent mix between rigidity and comfort.

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3D Lasercut Dropouts

Dropouts design is really important to prevent energy dissipation during your ride. We use stainless steel dropouts face cut out of 6mm plate to prevent oxidation, then we weld them to a 3D laser cut cuff cut out of a Columbus steel tube.

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Downtube Cable Stops

We like to take care of every single detail, in order to deliver you a unique frame with unique details, just like our downtube cable stops which are laser cut out off a steel plate with a personal design that will communicate with all the other parts of the frame.

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Custom Headset

We use 1.5 Columbus Compass headsets for tapered head tube to get some extra rigidity were needed. The bearings sit on 7075 aluminum rings that we have personally designed and produced to have the positive features of an integrated headset and an external headset mixed together, saving 50g of weight.



Each headbadge is made out from laser cut stainless steel that we personally bend to fit perfectly to the headtube. A serial number is hand engraved on it to keep track of the year of construction and to give to the frame a very own identity.